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So I spend a fair amount of my time reading fic and I'm always bursting with emotions at the stories I read, and I want other people to enjoy them as well, so I've made this blog to share them all with you. I am definitely a multi fandom girl so there will be tons of different fandoms and pairings, since I also multi ship like no other. Enjoy!

Bond/Q Fic Rec List 1 

Le Lion Imberbe - softshinythings

“‘Le Lion Imberbe’ - The Beardless Lion

Q’s past slowly presents itself to those closest to him. Bond finds himself drawn with a strange curiosity to what he discovers.”

Countermanded - thegrumblingirl

"Checking the road behind him in the rear-view mirror, 007 puts his foot down and urges the Aston Martin faster towards Los Angeles. He doesn’t think about why he wants this mission over and done with as soon as possible. His target is an international-terrorist pest, a public menace, and he wants him out of the way, that’s why. It’s not like James Bond has got anything to come home to. He rolls his eyes at himself; and then cocks his head when he hears the soft click as the feed in his ear comes alive.
“Hello, 007,” the smooth and much too young voice greets him, clear across the wide expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and a rock called North bloody America.”

Towers - couldbeaspaceraider

"Q is nearly positive he falls in love on a tuesday."

it was dark when i found you - whimsicalimages

"Bond stares at him. There are two men tied up against the wall and four more lying on the floor, bleeding and hogtied with duct tape.

“I ran out of rope after the first two,” Q admits.”

by the tail (a tiger) - plingo_kat

"The thing about Bond (and Q has spent more time than he probably should have contemplating this topic), is that he’s a patriot.

MI6 likes to recruit orphans because orphans are looking for someplace to belong. All the really good agents are those that succeed.”

Wheelhouse - recrudescence

The one where Bond really, really isn’t used to sleeping with people who don’t tragically die soon afterward.”

One Hundred and Ten Percent - romanochi

"Q, contrary to popular belief, does not fall for James Bond in one piece. He, in fact, gives himself fraction by fraction, percent by percent, until he finds that none of him belongs to himself and all of him belongs to Bond." (warning: character death)

a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last - calciseptine

Living with Q is not as difficult as James initially thought it might be.

Slight Technical Problem - Salomonderiel

“You’ve got another thing coming, if you think I’m sticking my hand in there!”

A Singing Silence - one_windiga

"Bond has learned to measure the time, the danger, the eminence of death by the quality of silence in his ear."

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